Sharing My Emotional Healing Journey

I’ve struggled with emotional illness for probably all of my life. In elementary school, I didn’t know what was going on.  I just knew I didn’t feel well inside and was unhappy and that weird things were happening in my mind. Honestly, I didn’t know what was going on until my 30s.  That’s when things… Continue reading Sharing My Emotional Healing Journey

You Can Change

If you have been struggling with the same emotional issues for a long time, even years, I would like to give you hope: you can change! I’ve spent the majority of my life struggling with emotional and mental issues.  After college I began getting professional help and seeking out other avenues to help myself change. … Continue reading You Can Change

Starting My Days With Essential Oils (My Routine)

How do you begin your days?  Do you wake up attending to the needs of your family?  Do you barely have time to shower and grab breakfast before you are off to work?  Do you dive into your to-do list? Recently I changed up my mornings.  Formerly, I would begin my mornings with a wake… Continue reading Starting My Days With Essential Oils (My Routine)

Accomplishing What Matters

I love this quote by Rory Vaden:  “Successful people are focused on getting results, not completing tasks.” Right before I began writing this blog post, I wrote this quote on my dry-erase board at my desk.  Very easily I get focused on checking things off of my to-do list rather than actually accomplishing something important… Continue reading Accomplishing What Matters

3 Essential Oils to Help with Unsettling Dreams

Dreams at night can be wonderful or disturbing.  Sometimes we don’t dream at all.  At other times, we experience crazy dreams. For the past week or more, I have been having dreams that have caused me to have restless sleep.  From my studying, I have come to believe that some or all of my dreams… Continue reading 3 Essential Oils to Help with Unsettling Dreams