Fighting Apathy

If you struggle with apathy, you may often have low desire to participate in life.  You may lack interest in or enthusiasm for activities that one typically would consider enjoyable.  Apathy can be a part of depression, but is something that can be experienced on its own. As I think more about apathy, because I… Continue reading Fighting Apathy

Dealing With Insecurity and Loneliness

As we grow up, we go through many experiences that shape who we are.  Relationships with family and friends also affect the kind of person we become.  If we look back over our childhoods, we can pinpoint circumstances, people, and events that had an impact on the person we are today. When I was in… Continue reading Dealing With Insecurity and Loneliness

Help Getting Your Emotions Flowing

As I mentioned in my last post, unexpressed emotions can have a negative effect on us physically, even on specific organs.  Sometimes we need help getting started processing these emotions.  Essential oils can help us get on the road to wellness. Cypress essential oil is the “oil of motion and flow.”  This is a great… Continue reading Help Getting Your Emotions Flowing

Achieving Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are very powerful for bringing about wellness of all types in our bodies.  Something that you may not know about them is that they are very powerful in helping individuals process and work through emotional issues. When I first was introduced to essential oils, I was very skeptical. I… Continue reading Achieving Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils