Accomplishing What Matters

I love this quote by Rory Vaden:  “Successful people are focused on getting results, not completing tasks.” Right before I began writing this blog post, I wrote this quote on my dry-erase board at my desk.  Very easily I get focused on checking things off of my to-do list rather than actually accomplishing something important… Continue reading Accomplishing What Matters

An Aid for Liking Yourself

Today I’d like to introduce you to bergamot.  This citrus fruit that produces this oil is grown in Bergamo, Italy.  The oil is cold-pressed from the rind, so it is different than the juice of the fruit. Emotionally speaking, this oil is called the “oil of self-acceptance.”  For those who aren’t comfortable in their own… Continue reading An Aid for Liking Yourself

What I Do When I’m Unmotivated

I woke up today not “in the mood” to tackle the day.  A perfect opportunity to reach for essential oils, right?  Right.  But, though I’m an advocate for essential oil use and though invigorating blend would have been a great go-to for my mood, I decided to handle things differently today. First of all, I… Continue reading What I Do When I’m Unmotivated

Achieving Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are very powerful for bringing about wellness of all types in our bodies.  Something that you may not know about them is that they are very powerful in helping individuals process and work through emotional issues. When I first was introduced to essential oils, I was very skeptical. I… Continue reading Achieving Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils