Oils for Stress-Related Emotional Support

Everyone has stress in his/her life.  It is important for us to manage stress successfully in order to maintain wellness.  Below is a list of some common stress-related emotions/feelings and essential oils that help support us when we are experiencing them.

lift mood 3

Anxious:   basil
Apathetic:   lime
Burned Out:   tension blend
Controlling:   cilantro, cypress
Depressed Mood:   melissa, peppermint, joyful blend
Disconnected from Inner Child:   ylang ylang
Discouraged:   lime, roman chamomile
Distracted:   focus blend (lack of physical presence or awareness), lemon
Drained/Weary:   basil
Drudgery:   roman chamomile
Fatigued:   tension blend, lemon (mental fatigue)
Fearful:   cypress (need to control)
Frustrated:   roman chamomile
Grief:   lime, ylang ylang
Heaviness:   peppermint
Joyless:   joyful blend, ylang ylang, lemon
Low Energy:   wild orange, lemon
Low Will to Live:   invigorating blend
Nervous:   tension blend
Obsessive:   cilantro
Over Serious:   wild orange
Overwhelmed:   basil, melissa, PastTense
Overworked:   tension blend
Perfectionistic:   cypress
Pessimistic:   peppermint
Procrastinating:   focus blend
Purposeless:   roman chamomile
Resigned:   lime
Rigid:   cypress
Scarcity:   wild orange
Scattered:   focus blend
Serious/Stern:   joyful blend
Stiffness in Body or Mind:   massage blend
Stifled or Blocked Creativity/Fear of Self-Expression:   invigorating blend
Stressed:   massage blend, tension blend, ylang ylang
Tense/Unable to Relax:   massage blend
Ungrounded:   grounding blend
Unsettled:   roman chamomile
Unwilling to Take Responsibility for Self or Life:   grounding blend
Weary:   basil
Workaholic:   wild orange

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