Oils for General Emotional Support

Essential oils are wonderful to use for emotional support.  They are able to send the right messages to our cells and to our amygdala (part of the limbic system) in order to affect our emotions positively.  Below are some common emotional concerns/feelings and essential oils that address them.

lift mood 2

Abandonment – frankincense, myrrh

Abuse – cinnamon, clove, helichrysum, white fir

Anxiety – basil

Apathy – lemongrass, vetiver, lime

Barriers (emotional) – marjoram, women’s monthly blend, Serenity

Bitterness – calming blend, thyme

Body shame – patchouli, grapefruit, metabolic blend

Burdened – anti-aging blend, white fir, wintergreen, DNA repair blend, cilantro

Closed (emotionally) – respiratory blend, ylang ylang, women’s monthly blend, geranium

Codependent – melaleuca, clove, protective blend, cleansing blend, oregano, ginger

Communication (blocked) – lavender, women’s monthly blend

Defeated – clove, invigorating blend, eucalyptus, ginger, fennel

Depleted – basil, peppermint

Despair –  joyful blend, melissa, bergamot, respiratory blend

Discontent – wild orange, topical blend

Energy (lack of) – lemon, peppermint, wild orange, joyful blend, invigorating blend

Exhausted – basil

Focus (inability to) – lemon, peppermint

Fragmented – vetiver, grounding blend

Generational issues – white fir, DNA repairing blend

Grief – respiratory blend, soothing blend

Heavy-hearted – lime, joyful blend

Hoarding – wild orange, lemongrass, cleansing blend

Inadequate – bergamot, metabolic blend

Inconsistent – grounding blend, coriander

Joy (lack of) – joyful blend, lemon, ylang ylang

Judgmental – women’s monthly blend, calming blend

Know-It-All – oregano, rosemary, wintergreen, sandalwood

Lethargy – lemongrass, invigorating blend

Low self-esteem/self-worth – bergamot, metabolic blend, skin clearing blend

Melancholy – joyful blend, peppermint, melissa

Neglected – women’s monthly blend, cedarwood, myrrh, marjoram

Out of control – grounding blend

Overwhelmed – basil, massage blend, tension blend

Perfectionism – cypress,  calming blend

Pessimistic – wild orange, peppermint

Quick-tempered – geranium, women’s monthly blend

Reclusive – marjoram, cedarwood

Rigid – cypress, oregano, wild orange

Scarcity mentality – wild orange

Shy – cassia, cinnamon, ginger

Tense – massage blend, tension blend

Tired – basil

Ungrounded – grounding blend, focus blend, vetiver, patchouli, myrrh

Vulnerable – women’s monthly blend, protective blend, repellant blend

Weak-willed – melaleuca, ginger, clove, wintergreen

Workaholic – wild orange, ylang ylang, invigorating blend

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