What is True Happiness?

I’ve begun a journey of researching happiness and finding out why it’s OK, even important, to be happy.  I’ve picked up some books at the library and ordered some books on Amazon.  One book that I’m reading, in addition to The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee, is Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth… Continue reading What is True Happiness?

Pursuing Happiness

I am only just beginning to realize how important pursuing happiness is.  For years and years I believed that life was supposed to be hard and sad.  I didn’t believe that God cared much about my happiness.  I believed that he cared mostly about making me holy (step by step, by his Spirit, making me… Continue reading Pursuing Happiness

What I Do When I’m Unmotivated

I woke up today not “in the mood” to tackle the day.  A perfect opportunity to reach for essential oils, right?  Right.  But, though I’m an advocate for essential oil use and though invigorating blend would have been a great go-to for my mood, I decided to handle things differently today. First of all, I… Continue reading What I Do When I’m Unmotivated

Stressed Out? There’s an Oil for That!

All of us get stressed out.  Work, relationships, circumstances and many other things can be the cause.  Did you know that essential oils can help relieve feelings of stress? Before we reach for an essential oil, however, we should examine how we are we treating ourselves — especially, how are we treating our guts? Did… Continue reading Stressed Out? There’s an Oil for That!