“And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”  Ephesians 4:32

I’ve loved this verse for years.  I came across it years ago when I was dealing with unforgiveness toward someone.  And, you know, I still have some unforgiveness toward this person.  Ugh!

This seems to be a theme for me.  No matter how hard I try, I seem to stay stuck in unforgiveness and bitterness toward some people.  I’ve tried things like writing down all that I have against a person and then burning the list.  I’ve tried deciding to forgive and disassociating from that person the memory of the wrongs done to me.  I try loving the person despite the offense.

And all of these things are valid and good.  Just like it says in Matthew 18:21-22, I try to forgive people over and over again.  And this is what I am supposed to do.

Yet, at times I feel a bitterness and frustration and anger well up in me.  I’ve realized that there’s a pattern here.  There’s something else going on that I need to address.

So, let me tell you about how I feel the Lord is leading me to address this issue.  Let me start by telling you about my family history and my right foot.

You see, I’ve been a student of my family history (the patterns and struggles of the immediate family that I came from) and I’ve seen a theme of unforgiveness.  I believe that this is an inherited sin in my family – a sin and habit that has been modeled and passed down in my family.  I believe that this is one reason why I’m struggling so much with this issue.  I do not deny my responsibility to forgive and to move on and release people.  I take full responsibility for forgiving others.  Yet I see something else at work here.  For some reason, I’m staying stuck in unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and frustration.

Another clue that the Lord has given me as to why I’m staying stuck in unforgiveness has to do with my right foot.  I sustained a mild stress fracture on my second metatarsal about 6 months ago.  It has healed, but it still hurts.  I went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and had x-rays done.  It’s completely healed.  I prayed before I went in to see the doc that the Lord would give me direction (specifically as to whether this injury has to do with an emotional issue).  When the doc, actually she is an P.A., told me that I’m all healed, I then looked up what emotions could be causing this pain.

I believe that our emotions are flowing all throughout our bodies.  Sometimes, when we have a physical issue/symptom, there can be an emotion stuck in that part of our body causing the discomfort.

I looked up which emotional issues manifest themselves in feet.  I found out that bitterness is one emotion that can cause issues in feet.  I found out that Renewing Blend* is one oil blend that can help you work through your bitterness to achieve relief.


You see, emotions are not just intangible things that reside in our minds or hearts.  They are chemicals and energetic frequencies that live in our entire bodies.

Essential oils are also chemicals (plant chemicals) and also have their own energetic frequencies.  Essential oils have the ability to change the frequencies in our bodies to match their own.  Thus, Renewing Blend*, which carries the frequency of forgiveness and acceptance, raises our bodily frequencies to match its own.  This aids us in forgiving and releasing others and moving on.

So here’s what I’m trying, with the help of the Lord:  I’m applying Renewing Blend* on my right foot (to address the stuck emotion directly), over my heart, on the back of my neck (so it can get to brain) and under my nose (to reach the limbic system (emotional part of my brain). Daily.  Throughout the day.  Every time I think of it (though it’s really only needed about every 4 hours). I’m diffusing it as well.

I’m also praying.  Praying for God’s help in forgiving those against whom I’m holding grudges.  Praying for healing of my foot.  Praying for release of the trapped emotion.  Praying for a break in this generational cycle, that I won’t pass it down to my son.

This process of healing and changing and releasing unforgiveness may take a while.  In fact, I expect it to.  Something that one has dealt with for years usually takes time to work through.  So, prayerfully and with consistency, I’ll be applying Renewing Blend*, choosing to forgive, loving those who have wronged me, and choosing to view them in a positive light.

I pray that Jesus is glorified in me as I walk this road of healing.

Peace, Amber

*Renewing Blend:  Please email me at to receive information about the oils I use.  I am convinced that they are the purest and most powerful oils available.

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