Essential Oils & Depression

I suffer from depression from time to time.  When I’m down, I lack motivation for accomplishing any task for the day.  I feel bad about myself, have low energy, and have little interest in the things that usually bring me joy.  A lot of times, I just want to sleep.


Thankfully, essential oils offer help when I’m depressed.  As a pharmaceutical drug would enter the body and affect the neurotransmitters and chemicals that affect mood, so essential oils affect mood.  The good thing about essential oils is they are natural and pure (assuming you choose a pure, therapeutic grade brand of oils), so they work with your body, not against it.  They help restore your body, including your brain, to its correct operating state.

There are many essential oils that support healthy mind and mood, lifting you out of depression.  Below I will name a few, along with their emotional support roles.

Bergamot – the oil of self-acceptance.  This oil aids a person in restoring a healthy view of self.

Frankincense – the oil of truth.  This oil calms they body and mind.  It grounds a person in the moment.  It assists a person in renewing his/her mind with the truth about him/herself.

Invigorating Blend – the oil of creativity.  This oil blend contains bergamot, clementine, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, tangerine, vanilla and orange.  The citrus oils lift mood and the blend as a whole helps the individual to see life’s positive possibilities.

Joyful Blend – the oil of joy.  This oil blend contains elemi, lavandin, lemon myrtle, melissa, osmanthus, sandalwood, tangerine, and ylang ylang.  This blend helps the individual find joy in everyday life.

This is just a simple list of suggested oils to try when you are feeling low, in the dumps or depressed.  Essential oils offer a wide range of options for mood enhancement.

If you would like to explore personal options for emotional support using essential oils, please message me at or contact me at

Peace & Joy



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