Starting My Days With Essential Oils (My Routine)

How do you begin your days?  Do you wake up attending to the needs of your family?  Do you barely have time to shower and grab breakfast before you are off to work?  Do you dive into your to-do list?

good morning

Recently I changed up my mornings.  Formerly, I would begin my mornings with a wake up call from our 16-month-old son.  I would get him up, change his diaper, feed him, prepare breakfast for my husband and myself, and then get started on the many tasks that were to fill my day.  Now I start the day with Amber time.  I set my alarm so that I rise before my husband and our son and I head to the den to be alone.  This is a time in which I connect with the Lord and prepare myself and my body for the day ahead.  Though this new discipline has me sacrificing an hour or so of sleep, I always regret it when I miss my alone time.

When my alarm goes off, I head straight for the den, grab my oils, and get on the floor.  After a few stretches, I set out 7 oils and begin applying them.  As I apply them, I pray.

First I apply the grounding blend to my feet.  As I do this, I might pray something like, “Lord, please help me to be centered and focused today.  Help me to not be scattered.”  My intent is to gain help to be fully present in each moment, accomplishing the task at hand.  Second, I apply wild orange essential oil (the oil of abundance) to my tummy, below my naval.  I might pray for the Lord to help me create a great day and to enjoy the day He has given me.

Third, I apply bergamot (the oil of self-acceptance) to my abdomen above my naval.  I might pray something like, “Lord, help me to be confident and comfortable in my own skin today.”  Fourth, I apply the joyful blend to my heart area.  I ask the Lord to help me, by His Spirit, to love others well.

Fifth, I apply lavender, the oil of communication, to my throat and I might ask the Lord something like, “Please help me not to fear sharing myself and my thoughts today.”  Sixth, I apply clary calm, the oil of clarity and vision, to my forehead and I might ask the Lord something like, “Please help me to keep a clear vision of the path that you would have me to take with my life.”

Lastly, I apply the cellular complex blend to near the top of my head and ask that the Lord help me to communicate with Him during the day.  I do not believe that the cellular complex blend enables me to be able to communicate with God.  I can do that because Jesus Christ stands as my advocate before Him (1 John 2:1, 2).  But there is something special about applying certain oils to the top of my head.

How do you begin your day?  Would you like to start incorporating essential oils into your daily routine?  If the answer is YES!, please send me an email at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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