Accomplishing What Matters

I love this quote by Rory Vaden:  “Successful people are focused on getting results, not completing tasks.”

Right before I began writing this blog post, I wrote this quote on my dry-erase board at my desk.  Very easily I get focused on checking things off of my to-do list rather than actually accomplishing something important each day.  While it was important for me to call today about having my car tires rotated, this was not the real test as to whether my day was successful.  I consider today to have been successful because I achieved results in the most important areas of my life.

to do list

The first and most important area of my life is my relationship with God.  I consider that I was successful today because I took time to connect with Him this morning.  It was not for as long as I had wanted, but it started my day off in the right direction.  The result I was focused on was centering my mind on God, and I achieved that.

Second, I wanted to have at least a small date with my husband.  So tonight I made a point to spend a few minutes sharing my heart with him.  This is not easy for me to do, but I know that it is important if our relationship is going to grow.  The result I was focused on was that I become just a little closer to my husband.  I felt the walls of my heart crumble just a bit as I talked with him tonight and he gently listened.

Third, I spent time cuddling with and playing with our son.  The result I was focused on was him feeling loved and valued.  As my husband and I fill our son’s love tank every day with hugs, kisses, quality time and words of affirmation, our goal is for him to develop into a secure, confident and honorable man who walks with God.

Last, I prepared for an essential oils class that I’m teaching in the morning.  I almost went through the preparations without much thought because I have taught so many classes.  Instead, I took time to think through how I could help the class attendees to truly understand the value and power of essential oils.  The result I was focused on is the listeners developing a true appreciation for essential oils.

While it is easy for me to make a list of things I want to accomplish each day, I am going to try to focus on getting results, not just checking items off of my list.  If my day comes to an end and I have accomplished nothing of true value, if I have only completed tasks while my heart was not in the action, I will not have been successful.

At tomorrows class, I will focus on changing lives with essential oils, not on checking one more class off of my list.

In what areas are you working on getting results today?

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