A Reminder: Our Children Are Worth It

Every few months, I re-evaluate why I do what I do – why I use, study and teach on therapeutic grade essential oils.

One of the main reasons is I use and study essential oils is so that I can help create a healthy and happy life for my son.  I have had to work through a tremendous amount of issues and problems in my own life, and am still processing many things.  While I realize that I cannot shield my son from everything and I cannot prevent him from having issues, I want to do my best to help him get started on the right foot.  I want to clear up any emotional problems that my husband or I have passed on to him, to help create a healthy perspective on life, and to assist his body in developing well.


The reason I teach on essential oils, especially how they can support our emotional health, is because I like to view every person as the baby and child that he/she once was.  I personally remember being a very insecure and hurt little girl.  I know that many other people could say the same of their childhood experience.  I want to, in a sense, go back in time and help the little girls and little boys that are inside of the people who come to me for help.  I also want to help those people who have sustained emotional injuries as adults.  No matter at what point in our lives we have suffered emotionally, to be healthy, we must all work through our issues and process our emotions.  Essential oils are a wonderful tool to help us accomplish these tasks.

If you would like to explore the power of essential oils that are beyond organic and of an amazing therapeutic grade, please email me at TheAromatherapyMama@gmail.com or send me a message on Facebook at Aromatherapy Mama.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Peace & Joy,  Amber

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