3 Essential Oils to Help with Unsettling Dreams

Dreams at night can be wonderful or disturbing.  Sometimes we don’t dream at all.  At other times, we experience crazy dreams.

nighttime sky

For the past week or more, I have been having dreams that have caused me to have restless sleep.  From my studying, I have come to believe that some or all of my dreams are a result of my body processing my emotions, especially my repressed emotions.

I have researched a few oils that are good at supporting our bodies in helping us to work through repressed emotions.  There are several oils that can help you with this.  Below are three.

First, black pepper (the oil of unmasking) helps to reveal hidden feelings that an individual has been told are not acceptable.  Being told this causes the individual to, in a sense, wear a mask and try to hide certain aspects of him/herself.  Black pepper reveals these hidden feelings that have been repressed due to self-judgment.  It is important to note that, if we bury feelings, they will seek to be exposed, manifesting themselves in addictive, compulsive or other erratic behaviors.

Second, juniper berry (the oil of night) helps the individual who is afraid of certain unknown aspects of him/herself.  These parts of our inner self may seem dark or unlovable.  Juniper berry helps the individual bring these thoughts and feelings into the light to be integrated into the person and accepted.  Nightmares can reveal underlying fears.  Juniper berry can help bring these fears to light to be dealt with and resolved.

Third, vetiver (the oil of centering and descent) helps the individual get in touch with what he/she is truly thinking and feeling.  This oil assists the individual in becoming more self-aware.  Vetiver also walks the individual through the process of getting to the root of emotional issues.

Tonight I will diffuse vetiver while I sleep.  My goal is to get to the bottom of what I’m dealing with emotionally.  May these oils support you in your efforts to do the same.

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