Dealing With Insecurity and Loneliness

As we grow up, we go through many experiences that shape who we are.  Relationships with family and friends also affect the kind of person we become.  If we look back over our childhoods, we can pinpoint circumstances, people, and events that had an impact on the person we are today.

lonely little girl

When I was in elementary school, I was insecure.  I am still figuring out what caused my insecurity.  Regardless of the cause, I can look back at those years and see signs of my condition.

I remember in first or second grade my father would walk me part of the way to my classroom in the morning.  I remember feeling so lonely and troubled while walking the rest of the way to my class.  I also remember in the fourth grade I would often cry before leaving for school.  I never knew why, nor did my parents.  Since then I have figured out that those tears come from a sense of insecurity.  I was nervous to go to school and be on my own for the day.

I wish that I could go back in time and help myself as a little girl.  I now know the power of essential oils to support us emotionally.  I would offer myself two oils: cassia and cedarwood.

Cassia is the oil of self-assurance.  This oil would have helped me during those years by giving me the courage to go out into the world and be myself.  It would have aided me in seeing my own uniqueness and letting that light shine.  This oil would have helped me move past my timidity so that I could embrace the enjoyment of childhood.

Cedarwood is the oil of community.  This oil would have supported me by helping me to feel connected to other people – a part of the group.  This oil could have helped drive away feelings of loneliness by helping me form bonds with friends.

I am thankful to have the oils now so that I can help our son cope with any issues that may arise.  I hope that he becomes a secure individual.  However, if he struggles in this area, we have a tool that can help: essential oils.

Did you struggle with issues such as insecurity and loneliness while growing up?  If you currently struggle with issues that you’d like to address, please contact me at if you’d like my help.

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