Life with Lemon (Getting Focused)

I always have lemon essential oil on hand in our home.  It is a must-have in my eyes, and happens to be one of the two cheapest (in price, not quality) oils of the brand I use and recommend – the other being lemongrass.  Email me at to find out what brand I use and to receive a price list.

Lemon essential oil is good for so many things.  First of all, it is great for cleaning.  Whether you’re cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, or the air in your home, lemon oil is great at killing “little invaders.”  It is great for cleaning toxins out of your body (drop some into a glass of water and enjoy!), cleaning and toning your facial skin, and cleansing parasites from your intestines.  It helps keep your digestion regular, if it is sluggish or slow.  It is also great for adding to your laundry to boost cleaning and promote freshness.

My favorite quality of lemon oil, as usual, is how it supports us emotionally.  Lemon oil is called “the oil of focus.”  This oil helps the distracted person to concentrate and focus.  It is wonderful in supporting a playful spirit and encouraging joyful involvement in the present moment.  For those who have learning challenges, lemon helps the individual focus on the task at hand and to release negative self-talk, such as, “I am not smart.”  Lemon enables this person to replace these messages with positive self-talk, such as, “I can do this.”  Lemon also energizes, relaxes, and calms you and lifts your mood.

If you are considering starting a journey into the world of essential oils, lemon is a great place to start.  This oil smells delightful and can do so many wonderful things!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me at

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