Keeping the Pests Away

Bugs have shown up with the warmer weather — and they’re in the house!  I’m taking action.

I’ve been diffusing arborvitae, which is a natural insect repellant.  This has really been working well.
Today I mixed baking soda, repellant blend and cleansing blend (these two oils repel bugs) and sprinkled the mixture on the carpet.  I let it sit for a while before I vacuumed.  The baking soda helps absorb odors (our carpet has not been smelling very fresh) and the two oils not only repel bugs, but they also add a nice aroma to the room.
River wasn’t too happy to be stuck in the Pack ‘n’ Play while I vacuumed, but it didn’t take long.

What I love most is how these three oils help us emotionally.  Inhaling the aroma of these oils aids us is the following ways, just to name a few:

– Arbortvitae (the oil of divine grace) helps those who stubbornly try to struggle through life on their own to turn to the Lord and accept His help.

– repellant blend (the oil of shielding) helps those who feel persistently unprotected and attacked to develop feelings of being safe.

– cleansing blend (the oil of purification) helps those who feel trapped in negativity to break free from past habits and patterns.

If you would like to experience one or all of these three oils, please email me at or you can leave a comment.

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