Anger Management

Everyone deals with anger at some point.  It is a normal and natural emotional response to injustice or wrongs done to us or others.  God tells us in Ephesians 4:26 that we may get angry, but we are not to sin in our anger.  That would be taking things too far.


I used to deny my anger.  I thought that it was wrong to be angry.  But even if we take our anger too far so that it becomes sin, it is better to recognize it and deal with it with God’s help than to let it fester.

Not only can we receive help from God to release our anger, He has also provided us with essential oils to give us support.  Three essential oils that are effective in helping us deal with and release anger are thyme, geranium and calming blend.

Thyme is “the oil of releasing and forgiving.”  It is a very effective cleanser of emotions.  It deals with trapped feelings that have been ignored for long periods of time.  Thyme helps us to be patient and tolerant with others.  It also helps us to be open to the love of others and to extend forgiveness to others.

Geranium is “the oil of love and trust.”  It helps to heal internal wounds and to release anger.  Geranium aids the heart in giving love freely.  This oil helps us to begin to trust people again when we have been abandoned or severely hurt by others.

Calming blend is “the oil of forgiveness.”  This oil blend helps us to develop a willingness to forgive those that have hurt us.  Serenity helps us to release bitterness and anger.  Serenity aids us in letting go of a critical spirit.

Do you have anger in your heart that you have been refusing to deal with?  When we don’t forgive others, we harm ourselves.  Are you read to begin releasing your negativity today?

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