Correcting Body Image & Obsessive Personalities

It seems like today, more than ever, people have an issue with body image.  Our beliefs as to what types of bodies are desirable and lovely have been distorted by images we see in magazines, television, and elsewhere.

body image
I used to really struggle with body image, trying so hard to look “good” every day.  This was the way I tried to get people to love me.  I had a distorted idea of why people should love me.  I would focus on different bodily features and obsess over them if they didn’t look how I wanted them to.  These days, I don’t obsess over looking attractive to other people.  However I do worry about cleanliness related to my body.  An example is that I worry if my hands are clean enough before I feed my son.  I feel that, if I don’t have clean hands and I touch his food, I am an unloving person.

I love how patchouli essential oils helps those who struggle with these types of body issues.  This oils aids individuals in realizing how marvelous their bodies are — just as they are.  Patchouli helps individuals to accept and appreciate the processes and functions of their bodies.  It also helps restore a correct body image, when the individual has been judgmental of his or her appearance.  Patchouli aids us in realizing that our natural bodies are not “dirty.”

In addition to correcting body image, patchouli also supports the person who has an obsessive personality.  It helps the individual come back down to reality and to do things in moderation.  This is a good oil to help me not to obsess over washing my hands too much.

To use patchouli, you can just inhale from the bottle.  You can also drop a few drops into one hand, rub your palms together, cup your nose and inhale.  Topically, I would recommend applying patchouli to the bottoms of you feet.  The pores on the bottoms of your feet are large and allow the oil to absorb quickly into your bloodstream.

How about your?  Do you struggle with body image?  Can you see how media and other things in society today have distorted our idea of how we “should” look?  Do you have an obsessive personality that could use the help of patchouli?

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