Correcting Body Image & Obsessive Personalities

It seems like today, more than ever, people have an issue with body image.  Our beliefs as to what types of bodies are desirable and lovely have been distorted by images we see in magazines, television, and elsewhere. I used to really struggle with body image, trying so hard to look “good” every day.  This… Continue reading Correcting Body Image & Obsessive Personalities

An Aid for Liking Yourself

Today I’d like to introduce you to bergamot.  This citrus fruit that produces this oil is grown in Bergamo, Italy.  The oil is cold-pressed from the rind, so it is different than the juice of the fruit. Emotionally speaking, this oil is called the “oil of self-acceptance.”  For those who aren’t comfortable in their own… Continue reading An Aid for Liking Yourself

Help for the Lonely

Sometimes, though we may live in a large family or have lots of friends, we may feel alone.  Perhaps we have developed too much of an independent streak or maybe aren’t making time to truly connect with others.  But what is the cause of these feelings and actions? Over the past 5 years, the Lord… Continue reading Help for the Lonely

Calm, Cool & Collected

This week has been a better week than usual.  I have been using grounding blend and have felt more calm, at peace and “in the moment.”  This is my favorite blend.  I put it in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil (though the blend already has FCO in it) and I keep it with… Continue reading Calm, Cool & Collected

Daily Affirmations & Essential Oils

Try combining these daily affirmations and oils for a week.  This is sure to bring about a change in your perspective and mindset. I suggest applying the oils on your wrists, the bottoms of your feet, or behind your ears. “I am naturally a creator, full of effortless self-expression.” Invigorating Blend or Wild Orange “I… Continue reading Daily Affirmations & Essential Oils

Do You Live Tomorrow Before It Happens?

I have lived much of my life in the future.  Often while doing one thing, I’m thinking about how I’m going to accomplish the next thing.  I have a hard time staying in the present moment. Lately I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness.  The word “mindful” means: attentive, aware, or careful of.  Learning to be… Continue reading Do You Live Tomorrow Before It Happens?