What I Do When I’m Unmotivated

I woke up today not “in the mood” to tackle the day.  A perfect opportunity to reach for essential oils, right?  Right.  But, though I’m an advocate for essential oil use and though invigorating blend would have been a great go-to for my mood, I decided to handle things differently today.

River Table Back Porch

First of all, I understand how powerful my thoughts are.  I decided to change what I was telling myself.  I decided to take a new perspective on my day — to look forward to what was in store.  I know that if I tell myself that my day is going to be enjoyable, and I change my perspective to believe it, I end up in a much better mood.

Secondly, I spoke with my mentor who encouraged me and helped me to see how well I am doing in my ventures.  Sometimes it takes the perspective of someone else, someone speaking truth into your life, to help you see how well things are actually going.

Thirdly, I put on some of my favorite music and danced!  As I fed River his lunch, I danced for him to The Doobie Brothers.  Music is a regular part of our days together.  When I put on the tunes, he usually crawls over so I can pick him up and dance with him.

Lastly, I refocused on why I do what I do each day.  I get up, make breakfast, pray with my husband, and spend the day caring for our son because they are so important.  They are important because God made them and I am very thankful they are in my life.  Also, in my business I get to help people maintain wellness naturally.  I have a fun and important responsibility to share the powerful possibilities that essential oils can bring.

So, today if you’re just not “in the mood,” check your thoughts, speak to an encourager, put on your favorite music, and remember why you do what you do.  It’s all worth it!

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