Achieving Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are very powerful for bringing about wellness of all types in our bodies.  Something that you may not know about them is that they are very powerful in helping individuals process and work through emotional issues.

When I first was introduced to essential oils, I was very skeptical. I am an advocate of caring naturally for our bodies, but oils were all new to me. As I began using them, I realized their ability to help me achieve personal wellness goals. However, I had been using essential oils for a few years before I was open to learning about how they can assist in processing emotional issues.

As it was when I was learning about how essential oils work on the physical body, when I began learning about how the oils help us on an emotional level, I had to have a lesson in biology.  This specifically applies to using essential oils aromatically.

limbic system

When we breathe in essential oils, the aroma goes directly through our olfactory system (how we recognize smells) and reaches our limbic system located in the brain. The limbic system includes the amygdala, which stores and releases emotional trauma; the hippocampus, which is responsible for long-term memory; the hypothalamus, which controls our autonomic nervous system and our hormones; and cingulated gyrus, which regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and attention. Think for a minute about how significant this is that we can access the part of our brains that holds our emotions. The properties of essential oils such as uplifting, calming, and balancing have a powerful effect on our emotions, not mention on our hormones and long-term memories.

Imagine being able to access and work through emotional trauma that has been haunting your for years.  Imagine being able to move past places where you are emotionally stuck.  Essential oils can help.  They are not a substitute for the work that you will have to do to achieve wholeness, but they can greatly assist in the process.

I am fascinated by this wonderful quality of essential oils. As in my last post, I will be often sharing how essential oils that are super therapeutic grade can aid us in emotional healing.

Are there any emotional issues that you would like to use essential oils to find release for? Leave a comment and I will write on those issues.

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